Jan. 22nd, 2013

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So let's try this again. Stupid backspace button... >.>

Yes, that's the total as off this morning, at 10:10am. I'm actually slightly surprised - so much, I went through my spreadsheet, and re-calculated it myself because I couldn't believe I've posted thirty K in a month and I thought my Excel forumlae was borked.

Shockingly enough, it is true.

That puts me at about 2.96% of my goal of 1 million words, which feels a bit low though. I should be according to my calculations again - I do a lot of those - sitting pretty at 85,000 words a month, posted and I seeeeeriously don't think I'm going to be getting to that level at the moment.

In all fairness, I am pleased to have posted this much. It's a hell if a lot more than I expected. I did good as the saying goes, thanks to fantastic beta Fic Whisperer Casey and All Around Awesome Ksena. It just is not quite where I wanted it to be.

Perhaps, slightly more awesomely, I added together all the fic that I have in reserve and came up with something quietly horrendous. I write a hell of a lot when I'm procrastinating and this is what I have all backed up and needing betaing and all that shit.

Poems - 8 of them - which is 1,159 words.

And all these chapters and such that are in reserve...

A Self Made Fear Chapter Three - 1799
A Self Made Fear Chapter Four - 7932

Clothes Maketh the Man Chapter Four - 3941
Clothes Maketh the Man Chapter Five - 1975
Clothes Maketh the Man Chapter Six - 2025
Clothes Maketh the Man Chapter Seven - 1134
Let Us Chapter Twenty Three - 4235
Let Us Chapter Twenty Four - 2062
Let Us Chapter Twenty Five - 2200

Baby Boy manuscript thingie that's just consuming my brain at the moment - 30948
Chastity Gustav/Tom story - 7632
Restricted Freedom Prequel - 4369
Restricted Freedom Manuscript thingie - 13911
Chained to Morpheus Sequel Manuscript Thingie - 9357
Sequel to Let Us Hear You, Let Us Feel You Manuscript - 5300

...but now I see - 14,844
....but now I see (sequel) - 4982
A weekend of peace manuscript - 10829
Musician Wept Manuscript - 6651
Unnamed Narnia Fic - 2007
Bushido/Tom Fic - 5731
Loon - 3400
Superfast drabble - 207
Kensington System  - 1059

149,306 words in reserve.

I wonder about myself sometimes.


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