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The Kiss that Echoed Around the World (and created a billion fangirls~)

Adam Lambert RPF:

Candy Striped Hell - (WIP)

And then there’s black and grey creeping in the sides of his vision, and he doesn’t like that, because that’s not what he needs right now. He needs Adam, and someone to tell him what happened, and why is there red everywhere, all over Adam’s chest, and his hands, and the knees of the guys surrounding him, actually climbing the green fabric like some alien infestation.

Because there's fans who can be a little bit weird, and then there's the fucked up psychos who are straight up insane.

And Tommy Joe is in the firing line.

Notes: Dark as all hell, plenty of angst, and strong overtones of Dom/sub to be coming.  I'm aiming at showing the psychological effect of stalking, and the rammifications such a heavy subject which is often overlooked in fandom and in fiction. I'm working hard on this at the moment, so expect it to updated fairly often.

Chapter One: Prologue: A03, snowstormskies, snapthedisc
Chapter Two: Regrets like Fuck: A03, snowstormskies, snapthedisc
Chapter Three: Take Our Advice: A03, snowstormskies, snapthedisc
Chapter Four: Serious, Like a Bitch: A03, snowstormskies, snapthedisc
Chapter Five: An Island of Calm: A03, snowstormskies, snapthedisc
Chapter Six: Basking in the Warmth that is Adam Fucking Lambert: A03, snowstormskies, snapthedisc
Chapter Seven: Nothing Else to Tell: A03, snowstormskies, snapthedisc
Chapter Eight: Make Up and (Almost) Meltdowns: AO3, snowstormskies, snapthedisc


Never Performed Like This Before:

When he's drunk, he's quite the performer. He's never performed like this before, though.~ Tommy Joe dances, tonight. One night only.

Note: this is a glam_kink response, featuring poledancing from Tommy Joe himself. Weirdest fill, not. Heavy on the sensory experience.

A03, snowstormskies, snapthedisc


On the Waterways

Nobody questioned him, nobody asked his name, nobody cared. He was just another face and Adam was never so glad to just be part of the crowd

After the year, boyfriend, and tour from hell, Adam is ordered on vacation from management on pain of house arrest. He might not find the peace he was looking for on the canals of Venice, but there's more to life than just peace and quiet.

Note: First Adam/Sauli - set in Venice, and is AU.

AO3, and snapthedisc or snowstormskies


Sinner Boy

He’s done it all – counseling, therapy, going to meetings with other survivors – but it hasn’t helped him to get rid of the memories, the feeling of helplessness, and the paralyzing nightmares that haunt him even now.

Tommy Joe is old enough to know the difference between survivor and victim; he's had fifteen years to work it out, after all. But during the long nights, the past comes knocking, and he wonders where to draw that very fine line again.

Filled on the Shady Anonymous Kink Meme  for this prompt : Tommy hates the church because he was abused by church officials as a kid. Have him either as an adult remembering what happened to him or as a kid as it happens. Some kind of non-consensual sexual contact, penetration is up to the author. Tommy no older than 13 or 14.

One Shot: AO3 and snapthedisc and snowstormskies


Pretty Wicked

Adam takes the cake with his mouth, not even bothering to use his hands and if Tommy feels a press of tongue against his fingers, he says nothing and lets Adam lick them clean of swirls.

When they get high, things happen and they don’t care in the morning.

The world has turned upside, and Tommy's not entirely sure when it'll rotate back around to being normal again, but honestly? Right here, right now, there are bigger things to worry about, and he's pretty zen anyway.

Filled for the glam_100 prompt for number #055 - Dream, encouraged from Casey and I's really fucking weird g-chat conversation which can be found here with pretty pictures and colour coding. It's really something else.

One Shot: glam_100, AO3, and snapthedisc and snowstormskies,


Stroke My Fluffy

“No, Adam. It’s slowly eating my fingers down to the fucking bone with a thousand razor sharp teeth and I thought I’d say it was purring because I didn’t want to scare it.”

Tommy Joe doesn't agree with four am.He's also sure he doesn't agree with Adam Lambert on his porch at fouram. He's pretty sure that he doesn't agree with Adam Lambert on his porch at four am, with a coat, a rug, and two fluffy things. He's really really really sure he doesn't do Adam Lambert on his porch at four am with the contents of his house, begging him for help with living legwarmers. Yep. He's quite clear on that. So why is Adam still here?

I have no idea. Crack happened. Casey happened. Halloween happened. G-chat happened. And yes, it all drifted together into a sticky hot mess that needs no introduction except... Whut. It's another glam_100 fill, this time for #058 - Scary Monsters and Super Freaks. It was so long it had to be split into two parts. Why is it that I never write a single drabble, and then suddenly in in just over a month, I churn out... what, forty one of them

 glam_100 one and two, AO3, and snapthedisc part one and part two, and snowstormskies


Fight To Win...and find you're losing anyway...

Sometimes, you have to fight, and sometimes, you have to give in. Tommy Joe is struggling to find the balance between the two. And shit has hit the fan.

This is not intended to represent dyslexia, dyspraxia, any social disorder or anything related to it as anything other than a personal experience, and it's very subjective and persona biased, with facts in between. Based on personal experience and basic research. Unbetaed, but worked through. Thanks to casey270 for her help and prompting, and leela_cat for her patience with my technical LJ questions. :D

I just played around with the concept of living and working in the public eye with a disability that is often classed as 'invisible', and challenged on a day to day basis as not being 'real' or 'significant'. Based on personal experience wiht my own coming to terms with what being dyspraxic/dyslexic means. I like it. Maybe it'll become a series, maybe not. IDK.

glam_100, AO3, and snapthedisc, and snowstormskies


The Waters

Beyond the Waters, there is nothing. And everything. Souls come and they go, but The Waters stay the same, and so do the Watchers. Until the Waters change.

Written for Glam_Reverse_Big_Bang, for a picture of Adam with wings, looking disraught.

I really enjoyed writing this - it was great to explore some religious imagery, and to get to something a little more character driven rather than plot/relationship focused. Thanks to my super beta, [ profile] casey270

Chapter One: AO3, snapthedisc, snowstormskies
Chapter Two: AO3, snapthedisc, snowstormskies
Chapter Three: AO3, snapthedisc, snowstormskies
Chapter Four: AO3, snapthedisc, snowstormskies
Chapter Five: AO3, snapthedisc, snowstormskies


Smoke, Ash, Flame

It's been coming for a long time but Adam still doesn't know what to do with the dying embers of him and Sauli. Ashley does, though.

Written for the glam_100 prompt for Fire. Deals with the aftermath of Adam and Sauli's break up, where Ashley catches him during his fall from the cloud nine life again.

glam_100, AO3, snapthedisc, and snowstormskies


Broken. Dick. Fic.

A snarky Ashley, an Adam who is in pain, and a Tommy Joe who has precisely zero sympathy. There's nothing worse in the entire world. Or more cracky, either.

Written for prompt #84: HOWL for [ profile] glam_100 it's a thing of cracktastic beauty. As always, [ profile] casey270 was my best and most favourite cheerleader for this, and I'm proud to dedicate it to her. She's helped make it happen.

glam_100, AO3, and snapthedisc, and snowstormskies


Princess of Power

Right here, in LA, she's found the place she needs to be, the role she wants - the one she dreams of and it's like finally getting her head above water.

Ashley's learning, and she's growing, and she's changing. Coming to LA was the best decision ever.

Once again helped into the world by [ profile] casey270 , this fic explores growing sexual identity, and the subtle ebb and flow of dominance and submissiveness that Ashley embraces. Inspired by this picture.

AO3, and snapthedisc, and snowstormskies

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