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I may have done a thing.

Like wrote Bill/Biker thing but it's not porn.

I think.
It started in G-chat, with Casey, where it always does. And I showed her this picture.... and then...

me: I want Biker Bill. And afternoon. *cuddles you gently*

casey baker: afternoon. and i want him dressed like that wandering into a real biker bar
they would eat him alive

me:  And I'm sure he'd enjoy every inch of it.
casey baker: but i want Tom daring him to do it
& then Tom & the Gs have to get him out before it goes too far

"But it was going so well!"
"I'm not explaining it to him."
"Dude, don't look at me."
"You're his brother!"
"You're older!"
"He's blonde!"
"...So what?"
"Bill's blonde. It's like the blond brotherhood, right?"
"Good point. Gustav, you're explaining."
"Fuck you."
"They'd have been fucking Bill in five seconds flat."

"PLease, please, for the love of God, don't sound so happy, Bill."
"But leather porn!"
"Oh, HELL NO. That's all yours, Gustav."
"Hi, Gustav."
"Oh shit."


casey:  Bill rode off into the sunset on the back of his prince charming's bike
Sent at 10:54 PM on Tuesday
me:  Who's wearing a leather jacket , and no shirt, and is all hairy, and Bill's in bear heaven and Tom's just... confused. A lot. And Gustav is traumatised, and Georg is has signed to become a hermit. A long way way from here.
Sent at 10:57 PM on Tuesday
casey:  and bill tells then not to worry because he's pretty sure they're engaged
me:  "It's like an engagement ring, see!"
"Bill, put your dick away."
"But how am I supposed to show it off, if I keep it hidden? How will people know I'm taken?"
"Oh, they'll know."
"The five foot eight human bulldozer behind you might tell people something."
"But it's not a RING."
"Bill, if you waggle your dick ring in front of me one more time, I'm going to make sure that your wedding night is very boring."
"I've seen it. It's...pretty. But please, put it away."
"Awww, Gustav, you're so sweet."
casey:  how do you say teddy bear in german? cause that's what bill would call him
me:  Teddybär
mein Teddybär.
"Mein Teddybär!"
"Oh, sweet jesus, why are we here?!"
"To stop Tom from committing murder suicide, fraternal style."
"Stop using big words and pass the beer."
"How about we skip the bear and move straight to the vodka?"
"Beer. I said beer. Shut up and pass the bottle."
"They're kissing."
"Enjoy it. Soon they'll be stripping."
"And to think of the years I dreamed of nudists resorts as places of joy, and beauty."

I need a *casey did it tag on here.
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