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No, hear me out.

I posted a selection of Isaac photos for my 100daysofpretty post a few days ago. A few hours later, my friend, who loves Isaac, gets a private message from him. He's been MIA for MONTHS or something, and he's been on a twitter break too. And yet, that day of all days, he messages my friend, and tells her she's awesome and so on.

And then today - yesterday's was Gs together, after so long of not having anything and then today - WE HAVE THAT PICTURE oh which one, the one I completely missed because I was sleeping that one this one :

And I'm just swooning. It's so wonderful.

Carry on, people.

Oh, one last thing: what would you wish for if I clearly could make these sorts of things happen?

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Adam Lambert

Sorry, my lovely little pretty fans.
Short one today.

I declare today the keys day!

Cam Grey, the keyboardist and backup singer for Adam's first tour....
Adam's First Tour's Keys Player )

And now, for someone a little closer to Adam again....

And Brian London, Adam's current creative director, keyboardist, and backup singer...
The Current Keys player! )

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Adam Lambert

I declare this the scruffy pretty post :D

Isaac Carpenter!

The man is tiny but damn, he can rock that beard look with style!
and down the rabbit hole we go!  )

Day 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

Thanks given to [ profile] casey270 for the lovely links and pictures :D

Thanks also  to [ profile] kittys_devil for inspiring the Isaac love.

Thanks as well to the community Carliff-Love for the wonderful pics and linkage and inspiration for future posts!
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Hi again!

Today's an Adam day, and I thought I would start with the man himself. Ladies and gentlement, I give you...

Adam Lambert

And one more to show him off at his best...  )

These are both the same man, which is something I find rather... touching, I suppose. Two very different sides to  him.
A very beautifully handsome man.
Day 1 - 2 -
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and most of all... it hurts


I'm going to put my hand up and admit to posting a request anonymously on the Tokio Hotel Kink Meme.

Fic and Kink Shaming Ranting Within )

I'm going to fill my own prompt as soon as my exams are over *has already started plotting it on and off between revision and reading* and I bet I'm going to get at least something like it again.

Bring it on. My report button is ready to go.


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